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Read the latest from the Home Care Assistance editorial team. Explore new research, ideas and strategies for caregiving and positive aging.

Communication in the Early Stages of Dementia

“People didn’t know how to talk to me even though I was the same person I was five minutes before … Read More

Best Guy Friend Tips from 7 Buddy Movies

I Love You, Man In this modern buddy movie about a guy with no male friends, L.A. real estate agent … Read More

Bringing Mom Home from a Nursing Home

“Impossible,” I thought. But after 8 years, I brought mom home from a nursing home. I learned lessons that made … Read More

How Vision Changes With Dementia

The vision changes from dementia cause confusion and fear. You might notice strange behaviors and responses. Many people mistakenly think … Read More

Joyful Summer Travel with Elderly Parents

Can you vacation with your aging parents? Yes! When Mom had Parkinson’s and Leukemia, and Dad had early-stage Alzheimer’s, we … Read More

Who’s the Boss? Working with Your Parent’s Caregiver

  Do you remember the childhood game of telephone? You whispered a sentence from child to child and the resulting … Read More

Stop Eating “Lazy Foods” and Get More Energy

Are you eating the same foods you always did, but feel as if you are dragging through the day? Food … Read More

Late-Blooming Artists: Musician, Painter, Writer

  My curiosity about aging and artistic interests started as academic. Soon, I had a personal interest developing my own … Read More

Day 1 With a New Caregiver in Your Home

You’ve done the interviews and chosen an in-home caregiver that seems right for your parent or spouse. Now it’s time … Read More

After a Stroke, Go Straight Home With Telerehab

Instead of going to the doctor’s office for physical therapy, you could stay home. When it’s time for your appointment, … Read More

Living in Denial About Dementia? Join the Club.

I have never met anybody who likes to admit weakness. The inability to do something is a truth of dementia. … Read More

Changing Bad Habits of Elderly Parents

“My Mother Just Won’t Listen to My Advice!” If you’ve ever heard yourself say this, you’re not alone. She’s neglecting … Read More