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This Week’s Tasty Food Trend: Coconut

coconut milkAs part of our 5-part series on the latest delicious and nutritious culinary trends, we are featuring derivatives of the coconut fruit. Coconuts are no longer a sporadic holiday treat – they are becoming a part of our daily diet, and rightly so.

The most notable coconut product is oil, which is best known for containing medium-chain triglycerides that boost metabolism, promote weight loss and improve thyroid function. It also has probiotic and antibacterial qualities which make it useful for clearing out bad bacteria and improving digestion.

Coconut milk, which is the tasty liquid pressed from the white flesh of the coconut, and coconut aminos, which are the sap of the coconut tree or juice from coconut blossoms, can also be healthy alternatives to every day foods.

Try the below substitutions to boost your brain and body health!

  1. Coconut Milk with Cereal – Compared to skim milk, coconut milk has half the calories and a naturally sweet taste without any sugar. Even better, there are none of the additives that are often found in dairy milk. Pour the coconut milk over steel cut oatmeal and fresh fruit for a high-fiber breakfast that will keep you full through the day. Top with raw shredded coconut for an additional fiber boost!
  2. Coconut Milk in Smoothie or Spritzer – Add coconut milk to a smoothie for a sweet taste without the added sugars. For a lighter, lower-calorie drink, try mixing coconut milk with sparkling flavored water and lime juice for a spritzer that’s perfect for a hot day.
  3. Coconut Aminos in Marinade – Aminos are a great substitute for soy sauce and aren’t as likely to disrupt your thyroid or hormonal balance. They contain high levels of amino acids that can repair muscle tissue, enhance cognitive function, improve immunity and boost energy levels. Marinate a steak in coconut aminos, garlic, salt and pepper for added flavor before cooking.
  4. Coconut Oil in Baked Goods – Coconut oil can increase energy levels and improve cholesterol levels. It can easily replace canola oil, which is high in unhealthy Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), and margarine, which contains synthetic chemicals, sugar and dairy. Try adding it to cookies or a cake mixture the next time you bake.

There are hundreds of additional ways to incorporate coconut products in to every meal—from using coconut milk in your morning coffee to putting coconut aminos in your stir-fry. Try it in both sweet and savory dishes to find what best suits your taste!

As part of our mission to change the way the world ages, we are dedicated to promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle. Our holistic approach to care through the Balanced Care Method™ encourages positive habits like following a healthful, balanced diet to promote longevity and quality of life.


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