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Study Reveals the Best Time to Exercise

A main part of staying healthy as we age is exercise (which we incorporate here at Home Care Assistance in our Balanced Care Method). Every study, doctor, nutritionist, etc. says exercise is important, but if we do not exercise properly or at the right time then it is of no real benefit to our bodies.

Traditionally, we have been taught that it is always best to eat a little something before we work out – carbohydrates give us that extra energy boost needed to burn calories. But, according to an article I came across today on AOL Health, a new study found that exercising before eating is advantageous for our health, including weight loss and maintaining insulin sensitivity.

This theory is in line with that of the bodybuilders back in the day who believed that you were more likely to mobilize your fat stores for fuel if you didn't have to burn off the extra carbohydrates that you just ate. Although the majority of the population are not bodybuilders, the idea is similar – Working out before eating will garner better results.

Although exercising before eating may be good for those with weight-related health issues, it is not as beneficial for everyone. Exercise physiologist and That's Fit expert Liz Neporen explains that if you are looking perform better, like train for a marathon, eating before exercising might actually be better. Likewise, not eating before exercising may result in dizziness or fatigue, so it is always best to do what works for an individual.

The main point of the article was to open our eyes to an alternative theory about exercising and staying healthy.

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