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Aquariums Can Make Seniors Happier and Healthier

Many of us have experienced the fascination and feelings of peace and serenity that an aquarium of fish can create. In addition to being entertaining and beautiful, there are a multitude of therapeutic health benefits associated with aquariums. Researchers have confirmed that gazing at a tank of fish can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression and subsequently help lower blood pressure.

Fish gazing can be a particularly soothing and therapeutic activity for seniors. A study conducted in Indiana nursing homes found that displaying tanks of brightly colored fish curtailed disruptive behaviors of Alzheimer patients and increased their appetites so that they required fewer supplements and less medication. According to the research, patients were much more alert and amiable when they were exposed to fish tanks than when they were not. The fish tanks that benefitted the patients most were the best decorated ones with the most brightly colored fish.

Consider getting your aging parent a fish tank for his or her home. Not only will they enjoy viewing the aquarium, but caring for the fish can also be a great hobby for your loved one. If they are unable to have a fish tank in their home, plan an outing to the nearest public aquarium – most will offer senior discounts. And since the majority of them are air conditioned, a trip to the aquarium can be a great way to escape the heat this summer!