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To better support your needs and develop high-quality content, we’re implementing new timing for all Content Requests. We now have three categories for requests:

  • Standard (min. lead time 10 business days)
  • Rush (min. lead time 5 business days)
  • Urgent (Let’s talk and review feasibility. Bribes accepted.)

This will allow sufficient time for our team to draft/revise copy, design, review, and approve content—so you’ll have sales and marketing tools that look great and deliver results. Please plan accordingly. Thanks!

Office Type*

Does this piece need to include an HCL photo and job title/bio?*

(Who is this for and what’s the audience’s likely level of knowledge on this subject? Will this be client facing, internal, or for referral partners?)
(How will this piece be distributed and/or shared? In-person meeting? Emailed? Posted on a bulletin board or in a retail window? Event presentation? etc.)

Project Links*

Your outline or first draft of the project copy, relevant articles, source material, etc. Please link any supplemental materials.

Link Attachments

Please upload your files to a drive (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and paste their shareable links.


Please select the format that you would like for this piece. Print-ready versions will have crop marks and no bleed.

Has this concept been approved by stakeholders?

(Please run this project idea by your manager BEFORE submitting your request.)

Once Marketing works with you to create and finalize the new content, which internal stakeholders will need to approve it?

Kick-off Meeting Date/Time

*If this project is new, complex, or has multiple components, we ask that you set up a kick-off meeting with Marketing to discuss details and timelines

Requested Deadline*

*Please provide a date and relevant context. The Marketing team will review and prioritize your request and prioritize it accordingly, but we cannot guarantee project completion by your requested deadline
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