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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Three Tips on Communicating with Seniors Who Have Dementia

Dementia is deeply troubling for everyone involved. It is an understatement to say that it is a cruel disease, stealing loved ones away and removing our ability to connect with them – at least as we used to. It is possible to converse with dementia patients and it is possible to enjoy time with them. Read More

The Top 5 Healthy Aging Tips You Need to Know

Every human being ages, it’s nature’s course. It’s impossible to stop the tick-tock of the aging clock! However, it is … Read More

The Importance of Self-Care for Caregivers

As a caregiver, you probably hear “Take care of yourself” more often than not. It can seem an impossible task. Caring for an aging loved one is an all-encompassing task on top of your other responsibilities at work and at home. Read More

A Quick Breakfast of Champions for Your Loved One

Breakfast is essential for your loved one, and we decided to highlight A Sunflower Seed based breakfast bowl to make the mornings brighter. Read More

3 Ways to Ensure a Smooth Transition Home from the Hospital

It is always good news when an older loved one is discharged from the hospital. However, that puts into motion yet another phase of their care: the one that takes place at home. Seniors discharged from the hospital may still be recovering from their surgery, illness or injury and remain frail and in pain. It is important that you have the full spectrum of support services necessary to guarantee a safe and appropriate recovery. Read More

3 Ways to Support a Healthy Aging Mind

A healthy body and healthy mind are inextricably entwined. We know that 30 minutes of exercise each day will keep the body healthy, but what about the mind? Here are three ways that you can help to support a healthy aging mind for your loved one. Read More

Why a Discharge Planner is Key to Transitioning Home from the Hospital

If a loved one in your care is in the hospital, their discharge can be a nerve-wracking time filled with worry and uncertainty. You may be concerned that he or she is being discharged too early or that you don’t have the skills necessary to care for them at home. Read More

How Caregivers Can Avoid Depression

Caregivers bare enormous amounts of stress. Being intimately involved with a loved one’s emotional, physical and mental health can be draining. Carrying personal life and work responsibilities adds to the daily burden of responsibilities. It can seem like an endless to do list with no end in sight. If you are the caregiver of a loved one, the only way you can sustain your energy and ability to care for them as you wish is to care for yourself. Read More

Researchers Discover a Link Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Gut Bacteria

A team of researchers at Lund University in Sweden have found that some types of intestinal bacteria can speed up the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. According to the study researchers, their findings give hope that new treatments can be found – and that they could pave the way to preventing the disease altogether. Read More

How Caregivers Can Help to Prevent Hospital Readmissions

When your loved one has been the hospital and is discharged, you want to make sure they can remain at home. Avoiding readmission to the hospital is very important, because although hospitalization can save lives and manage disease, it can also increase health dangers for seniors. Read More

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