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Maintain Brain Health through Fun Activities

As we age, it’s important to keep our brains active and healthy, just like our bodies. The Cognitive Therapeutics Method was developed by the scientific division at Home Care Assistance, and offers enjoyable activities with varying levels of difficulty to keep individuals mentally stimulated and challenged. The goal of the program is not to test the client, but rather to enjoy the process of cognitive engagement and improve quality of life. We understand that individuals have different areas of interests and strengths, and thus we are able to personalize and accommodate activities to reflect preferences.

Not only can Home Care Assistance clients enjoy these activities through our trained caregivers, but individuals who do not need home care services can also participate in the Cognitive Therapeutics Method by working with our Cognitive Interventionists, who are trained to specifically engage clients in one-on-one activities. Contact your nearest Home Care Assistance office today to learn more »

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Holistic Approach to Cognitive Engagement Developed by Experts

Participating in Cognitive Therapeutics Method activities may feel like engaging in a hobby or playing games because they are fun, but there is science behind development of the program. Our cognitive activities target the five cognitive domains that impact overall cognitive functioning, including memory, executive functioning, attention, language and visual-spatial perception.

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ engages the primary five cognitive domains.

Cognitive Therapeutics - Memory - Executive Functioning - Attention - Visual-Spatial Perception - Language

In addition to the five cognitive domains, the program facilitated by Cognitive Interventionists offers a wide array of activities in the following areas, identified by scientific literature to have a positive impact on cognitive functioning: including coping, sensory, social, exercise, recreation and diet.

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We Partner With Senior-Focused Communities on Brain Health Education

We are passionate about educating the community on brain health based on expertise we have developed in offering the Cognitive Therapeutics Method. We offer the Mind Fit Series, an engaging presentation series centered around fun group activities, to members and residents of selected partner communities with whom we work closely. Please contact your nearest Home Care Assistance office if you represent a community interested in partnering with us.