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Client Testimonials

At Home Care Assistance, we believe in providing superior service to all of our clients. Our commitment to excellence and strong reputation as the live-in specialists make us the premier home care company in North America. Read what our clients are saying about the quality of our care:

Home Care Assistance was such a blessing during a very difficult time for our family. We found ourselves suddenly needing assistance with my father on very short notice and Lena, one of the case managers, was so helpful and kind. We were able to have someone start the very next day after I called. My father didn't need care for very long, but during the short time he was cared for, we could not have asked for a better experience. Both Lorie and Miriam were wonderful. They not only took great care of my father, but they were excellent communicators and sent me text updates so that I could relax a little while at work knowing he was ok. Lorie even cleaned out his fridge and decluttered his kitchen; a task I have been trying to tackle for a long time but was always barred by my father! I cannot express how much of a godsend HCA was for us. Now that my father is better and just needs a little help, we have set it up so that someone will come once a week to help him with various tasks like shopping, laundry, etc. Highly recommend.

E.H., Menlo Park, CA

My husband is disabled and we needed a caregiver three afternoons a week to give me a break. The case manager Listened to what services we needed, then brought a candidate to be interviewed the next day. We agreed and ROY started on our schedule. A couple months later Roy had to take care of family issues, so the case manager assigned ALAN. We've been using Alan for over a year now and are very satisfied. When my mother-in-law needed someone to help her, we immediately set up an appointment for her to talk to Home Care Assistance. She now has an aide and is very satisfied. Alan works from 12:30 to 4:30 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He is wonderful and now almost a member of the family. We have a routine and I am able to go out without worrying about my husband's safety and care. As mentioned above, my mother-in-law is very happy with her caregiver. I have recommended Home Care Services to several other people.

F.S., Sunnyvale, CA

After they met with me and my mom, we were sent 3 resumes. We met with the candidates and chose Julia. Julia was great. She was prompt, treated my mom with respect and took care of her needs while I was out of town. Just what we needed.

L.G., Emerald Hills, CA

This company is very responsive to our needs. They, like all caregiver companies, have a roster of caregivers they work with. The capabilities of each person they have sent to us vary considerably. Some caregivers have more health care training than others and they have different personality types. Matching a caregiver, especially someone who is as intimately a part of the family like a 24-hr caregiver, is a complex business. Some of the caregivers have been a good fit for us and some have not. The staff of Home Care Assistance has been willing and responsive to all my requests whenever I have called. One small issue I have is trying to reach anyone in their office on weekends. Their office is closed and I have had to ask caregivers for the cell phone numbers of the scheduler in order to reach anyone. It would be nice to have a reliable emergency contact number. Overall, this company is the most responsive and helpful of the four or five companies I have worked with.

E.O., Sunnyvale, CA

Service was provided overnight; no contracts; excellent caregiver (Rebecca), very prompt, helpful for preparing meals, coaching on exercise, nutrition, compassion. Always prompt. A very nice person. Did light house work and wanted to do more. Fed the cats, emptied litter box - beyond the call of duty. By the end of the two weeks was great friends with my wife as the rearranged the house, wrapped Christmas presents. Hated to see her go. I am not wanting for my wife to go through the illness again but I appreciated the availability, promptness and quality of service so I would request Rebecca's again.

S.W., Redwood City, CA

They did a good job of interviewing and finding the right people to help us. They are very dependable, and I have recommended them to other people. I would continue to use them if I had a need for their services.

L.J., Redwood City, CA

We did not continue with the first person because she instantly started to advertise working for another agency since she was temping for Home Care. We felt that she was more concerned about herself than taking care of my aunt. We really liked the second person except that we could not offer her enough of a regular and set schedule and she found a more rigid schedule. Home Care was compassionate and responsive. The original person we conducted interviews with was really good. We will definitely use Home Care in the future and we will have to analyze their caregivers on a case by case basis, which Home Care let us know about. Their response and face to face interview were very good. They were very upfront about everything, we can trust them. They were very well trained.

A.Y., Mariposa, CA

HCA provides generally excellent care for my members at a fair and reasonable price.

V.E., Palo Alto, CA

We are here to help.

After checking Angie's List for recommendations, I looked up Kathy Johnson's web site and saw they did provide all of the services we needed. I called and we talked on the phone, and then Kathy came over to interview us for details and to drop off an Agreement. She considered 4 caregivers for us. The first had been working part time for a client who had a medical emergency that required full-time care. We were impressed that they were able to respond so quickly to that client's needs. We interviewed two other candidates, both of whom were qualified, seemed capable, nice and trustworthy, but didn't quite fit personality wise. Then Kathy send a third caregiver to interview. She, too, was fully qualified, and we immediately felt that she would be a good fit; and she has been. She started on the date and days we asked, and agreed to continue on after I returned from vacation. She is doing a great job. Home Care Asst. takes care of all bonding, insurance, workers comp and, etc.

N.M., San Carlos, CA

Great Customer Service! My mother was showing signs of Dementia and needed a senior care/elder care ASAP and they were kind enough to answer the phone off hours. They specialize in Live-In care. All we had to do was fill out this quick form and voila! they answered within the hour. Great service!!

J.C., Palo Alto, CA

Home Care Assistance did a great job helping my 89-year old mother recover from shingles and return to her normal daily and weekly schedule. We had two different caregivers over a six-month period and both were very supportive. Client Care Manager Lena Vyrva was great and always available when we needed to adjust the schedule based on my mom's needs.

J.G., Atherton, CA

What a blessing Kathy and her company are. I cannot tell you how satisfied we were with the job they did. These are people who REALLY care. They are worth every penny!

B.H., San Carlos, CA

Home Care Assistance is a truly professional home care agency. We interviewed a few of the local providers and there is no doubt that this agency is the best. They are on call 24 hours a day, have two Geriatric Care Managers on staff and have delightful caregivers who have been a blessing in the lives of my family. I recommend them to everyone who is need of quality in-home care.

N.K. , Palo Alto, CA

Last year my mom fell and received a new diagnosis of dementia in addition to her mild Alzheimer’s disease. She required a caregiver while I worked, but had multiple problems with those sent to us by various agencies because of her dementia diagnosis. Daycare programs were too lengthy and boring for her. After further inquiries, I was directed to call “A Place for Mom”. They connected me with an agency called Home Care Assistance. In addition to caregivers, they also have a division devoted to the Cognitive Therapeutics Method™. My mother was interviewed as to her interests and abilities and matched to a therapist (whom they call interventionists) who developed a program especially for her. She enjoys the stimulating puzzles and word games, in addition to music and physical exercise. This service has been a godsend for both her and me. She is calm and content when I return home from work. I have not had calls from caregivers, police, firefighters, or EMT’s at work to intervene with my mom’s behavior. She accepted the therapist from the start and works with her without problems. These people are true professionals and I cannot thank them enough for being able to handle her care while I am at work.

M.F., Los Altos Hills, CA

We had to hire an agency to help us with long-distance eldercare, and we needed 24/7 assistance. We used this agency for over a year. Our first case manager was Maureen and, when she left this office for another job, we worked with Ani. Both of these women were very professional and excellent communicators. They were always responsive to our needs and very prompt with responses, regardless of the time or day. The caregivers that we settled into using were all terrific, in different ways. When we needed to make a change, if we got someone who was not a good fit for our mother, they were quick to find us new people until we could get a good fit. Doing all of this from 1000 miles away was not easy and this agency made things as easy on us as possible. In summary, I would say that what stood out was their kindness, professionalism, responsiveness, and compassion. Highly recommended.

G.S., Portland, OR