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  • "1As you're probably aware, I had some concerns about "mother's helpers". You put those aside with your professional approach and obvious experience dealing with older people. As you saw, my mother is quite independent, and part of her resistance to hiring someone was based on a fear of losing that independence. I think you addressed those fears very well and Leslie seems well attuned to them as well."

    Dave - Kendall Park

  • This evening we introduced a new cargiver to our live-in case (aide is in nursing school). Our 95 year old client started to cry - then the aide started to cry, then the new caregiver started to cry and I had to go into the other room. I was close too. I could not believe the amazing relationship between our caregiver and client.

    "This is exactly what I wanted for my father. His caregiver takes him everywhere and I do not worry about him driving. Peace of mind"

    Terri - Plainsboro

  • "My mother wanted did not want any assistance at all and my dad was receptive. We compromised and now my mother keeps does not want her caregiver to leave. They did not take away her independence and that was very important to her."

    Barbara - Princeton

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What is Home Care Guide

A 19-page guide that explains what in-home care is and what it can mean for your loved one and your family.

From Hospital to Home Care Guide

A 16-page guide outlining the entire hospital to home process including planning for discharge, managing the transition home and facilitating ongoing recovery at home.

Agency Evaluation Checklist

If you are considering home care, our Agency Evaluation Checklist helps you make sure you ask the right questions and find the care provider that is perfect for you.

Home Care Assistance of Middlesex / Mercer was founded with a commitment to the health and well-being of our clients and caregivers in addition to giving back to the community. The owners of the business have many years of management experience, professional health certifications and always put their clients’ needs before their own. We look forward to meeting you!


Torna BrownTorna BrownTorna Brown is a Client Care Coordinator with Home Care Assistance. She is an extremely organized and positive individual, and she has been working with seniors for the past nine years. Her primary focus is the satisfaction of our clients, and she takes pride in our 97% satisfaction rate and our multiple ‘Best of Home Care’ Awards. Torna also oversees all of our caregivers and matches them with our clients based on skill and personality fit. Torna holds a BS in Accounting from Monmouth University. She is extremely active with her church, where she serves as Missionary President. Torna and her husband have three children and a dog, Indie.
Anna Ulyanova is our Field Nursing Supervisor. Anna conducts assessments and ongoing care visits with all of our clients. When she’s not working with our clients, she can also be found at Home Care Assistance events throughout the area, providing free blood pressure monitoring and other services to seniors in our community. Anna has Bachelors Degrees in Nursing and Education. Prior to becoming a registered nurse, Anna spent many years working with children.Anna is very proud of her profession and is determined to provide the best quality patient care to our clients. She firmly believed in using a holistic approach while taking care of the patients and their families and is a champion of our proprietary Balanced Care Method.
Aileen RuffinDeandra ShepardAileen Ruffin is our Operations Specialist. Aileen works directly with our clients and caregivers to ensure the accuracy of our records and to help resolve any client invoicing concerns in a professional and timely manner. Aileen has been working with Home Care Assistance for three years and has a keen eye for detail. Her favorite aspect of her role is getting to know our clients and building trust with them. She is a true perfectionist who takes great pride in the satisfaction of her clients and her team.