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Corporate Flyer and Ad Request Form

This request form is designed to streamline the flyer and advertising requests that the Corporate Marketing Department receives from the field. It is important we have all the pertinent information in one place, so before completing the form, be sure you have all relevant information about your event, program or advertisement opportunity ready to go. This will likely include ad or flyer dimensions, deadline, preferred file type, if it’s color/black or white, preferred imagery, a brief summary, any non-HCA logos and if it’s an event, who, what, where, when, and RSVP information. The email address/name provided will serve as the main point of contact for all communication related to the request.

Dimensions should be written as width x height in either inches (for print) or pixels (for online).


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Market Piece Name*

Contact Name*

Contact Email Address*

Dimensions (width x height)*

Resolution (DPI)*

Desired File Format*

Black & White, Color or Spot Color*

Desired Headline*
(Give us a rough idea of the main point to make. We will polish.)

Desired Imagery*
(Describe what type of image you would prefer. We will choose the specific one based on what you tell us you want.)

Desired Body Content*
(Write a brief description of what details you want to include and points you want to feature. This can be rough as we will make it polished and final.)

If it's an event, we need the following information:






Office Phone Number*

Office Address*


Upload Supplemental Files, Max. File Size: 2MB (If you will be including a head shot, Best of Home Care logo, a referral sources's logo etc., you can upload the hi-res file by selecting "Choose File" below.) Note: The form does not accept ".docx" files. Please save these files as ".doc"

Deadline (yyyy-mm-dd)*

Please allow at least 5 business days to turnaround an advertisement, flyer or other customized marketing piece. Thank you.