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Stroke Care: How to Help a Parent Recover from Stroke at Home

Recovering from a stroke is a lifelong process made up of tiny steps over the course of many months and years. It is not a process with a specific time frame or goals that can be accomplished according to a set schedule. In order to help your parent recover from a stroke at home you need information and support. Recovery is a long process and the more you know the easier it will be.
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3 Ways to Ensure a Smooth Transition Home from the Hospital

It is always good news when an older loved one is discharged from the hospital. However, that puts into motion yet another phase of their care: the one that takes place at home. Seniors discharged from the hospital may still be recovering from their surgery, illness or injury and remain frail and in pain. It is important that you have the full spectrum of support services necessary to guarantee a safe and appropriate recovery. Read More

How Caregivers Can Help to Prevent Hospital Readmissions

When your loved one has been the hospital and is discharged, you want to make sure they can remain at home. Avoiding readmission to the hospital is very important, because although hospitalization can save lives and manage disease, it can also increase health dangers for seniors. Read More

Supportive Practices for After a Fall

Every year, over two million older adults are seen in emergency rooms for fall-related injuries. There are many reasons why falls occur in the first place. For example, weakened lower body strength and a lack of overall balance can increase the probability of a future fall. Falls can also provide warning signs of more serious underlying issues that may require immediate attention. Read More