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How Meditation can Decrease the Risk of Heart Disease

Research points to meditation as a new method of reducing risk of heart disease You are concerned about your health. … Read More

4 Tips for Positive Aging in the New Year

Research-based New Year’s Resolutions that can change your life Remember the New Year’s Resolutions you made last year? And the … Read More

How Intergenerational Connections Benefit Both Old & Young

Socialization among generations can decrease loneliness and promote longevity for all “Connections between generations are essential for the mental health … Read More

Healthy Longevity: More Than Smart Genes and Dumb Luck

Birthdays, our great American tradition for celebrating the achievement of yet another year of life. How old are you? Just … Read More

How Your Choice of Words Can Impact How Long You Live

New Research Shows Positive Language Plays A Big Role in Brain Health Watch your words! According to new research on … Read More

9 Golden-Age Horror Films to Watch With Your Loved One

Halloween approaches. You go to the store and buy the requisite amount of candy needed to meet that delightful extortion … Read More

The Science of Social Engagement and Healthy Aging

  September is Healthy Aging Month, and Part Four of our Healthy Aging Series for this month will cover the … Read More

6 Ways to Help Seniors Stay Physically Active as They Age

As we age, remaining physically active can become more difficult and exercise seems as though it takes a greater toll … Read More

The Joys of Living to 100

A recent article in The Economist reported the fact that Americans are living longer, healthier lives than their grandparents. “By the early 2000s the state of health of American men aged 69, as reported by themselves, was as good as that of 60-year-olds in the 1970s; 70 really does seem to be the new 60.” That’s good news for people who want to live, work and enjoy life for many decades.
Read More

Three Breathing Techniques for Heart and Brain Health

Yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques all depend on breathing properly. Proper breathing is an important part of learning how to calm the mind and body. The importance of proper breathing is of equal importance to eating healthy food, exercising and reducing stress. Read More

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