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In Celebration of Active Aging

“Active aging”, a term created by the World Health Organization in the late 1990’s, is a deliberate approach to aging according to one’s personal wishes and needs. While each person’s goals may be different, many aging adults share a common desire to lead engaged, independent lives with a focus on healthy longevity. Continue reading

Worried about Alzheimer’s? Try our healthy tips for brain health.

Alzheimer’s disease has intruded on the lives of more than 5 million families worldwide, and the number is expected to rise. There are measures based on scientific research that suggests non-pharmacological lifestyle practices may prevent the onset of cognitive decline. We share five habits that have been found to help promote long-term brain health. Continue reading

Designing a Personalized Healthy Lifestyle

Fifty percent of all adults are managing at least one chronic condition according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By making sound choices in daily living, it is possible to create a healthier future for yourself and your loved ones. Continue reading

How to Show Appreciation This Grandparents Day

This Sunday, September 11th, is Grandparents Day worldwide, a holiday dedicated to celebrating all grandparents for their tireless love. To celebrate these special people who love our children unconditionally, we’ve come up with five ways to show appreciation this Sunday. Continue reading

Reading Books May Promote Longevity

Seniors don’t read as much as they used to – about 7 in 10 people who have read a book in the past year are in the 50-64 age group. Just like eating healthy foods and exercising, reading promotes healthy longevity too, and so should be embraced as one gets older! Continue reading

5 Ways to Ease into Sound Sleep

It’s crucial for individuals of any age to get a sound night’s sleep for physical and mental well-being. If you or a senior loved one is napping throughout the day or having difficulty sleeping through the night, follow these 5 tips to create healthy sleep habits, improve sleep quality and overall health. Continue reading

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation, the practice of using deep breathing to clear your mind, can be practiced by members of any age group and has potential health benefits for all. By practicing mindful meditation, older adults can take control of their thoughts and feelings, and are able to create inspired feelings of peace and well-being while connecting with their inner selves. Continue reading

How to Start the Conversation About Home Care

When it becomes evident that loved ones need additional assistance in the home, it can be difficult to talk about this topic even when it comes from a place of affection and reassurance. Here are a few ways to approach the discussion on home care. Continue reading

Five Ways to Help a Loved One Cope with Vision Loss

If your aging parent or spouse is experiencing vision loss, this could affect many aspects of their life, and you may need to help them adjust to a new lifestyle to help prevent or delay further vision loss. Here are five practices that we recommend to help a loved one adapt to vision loss. Continue reading

How to Cope with the Loss of a Spouse

Grieving for a loved one can affect us both emotionally and physically. Realizing you need to put your life back in order will take time, and some people begin to feel better sooner than others. Here are some tips to help you cope with the loss and get back to living your life. Continue reading