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Smart Tech and Seniors: 7 Tech Gadgets for Mom and Dad

Being a caregiver for your parent isn’t easy. You can’t realistically be there for them 24/7 but you want Mom … Read More

How to Find Respite Care and Who Needs it Most

  Providing Answers to the Most Common Questions About Respite Care Respite care: a short period of rest or relief … Read More

How to Make the First Days in Memory Care a Success

Working With Caregivers to Make the Transition into Memory Care as Successful as Possible Moving a family member from home … Read More

The Foundations of Mindful Caregiving During Hospice

For National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, learn what hospice is and how it can help your loved one achieve … Read More

How Successful Hospital to Home Transitions Can Reduce Readmission

8 simple steps to ensuring a smooth transition home from the hospital and reducing the chances of readmission Readmission to … Read More

5 Empowering Strategies for Reducing Hospital Readmissions and Keeping Seniors at Home

Evidence-based strategies for improving the hospital to home transition Hospital readmissions are frustrating. The medical team, family caregivers and the … Read More

A Caregiver’s Guide to Elder Fraud

Caring for a loved one is difficult enough, and it becomes even more trying when you’re forced to deal with … Read More

4 Factors To Consider When Addressing Financial Issues With Aging Parents

Caring for aging parents can be an extremely emotional proposition, and money can certainly complicate the situation. In this installment … Read More

Guest Post: The Truth About Grief

Losing a spouse is a devastating event that more than 900,000 men and women experience each year. A vast majority1 of these are individuals age 55 and up. With these deaths comes grief, which plays out in five distinct and predictable stages…or does it? New research suggests that grief is an ever-changing emotion that may present itself with acceptance one day and backtrack to denial the next. Read More

Why Companies Should Care About Caregiver Burnout

There are approximately 34 million American caregivers in the United States, and the majority of them are working adults. Not only must they juggle caregiving responsibilities with home and family life, they must somehow weave them into their daily work lives as well. Read More

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