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Mastering Memory Loss

Mastering Memory Loss


Client suffered from a stroke that left without memories Struggled with lack of stimulation Home Care Assistance gave her the mental exercise she needed to regain brain function


Client F was in her 80’s when she remarried and began to travel the world with her new husband. Together, they shared exotic vacations, luxury cruises, and fine dining as they traveled the globe. This lifestyle came to an abrupt end when she suffered an unexpected stroke while visiting family.

Her sudden stroke was particularly intense, leaving her with no short-term or long-term memory. She did retain, however, her physical abilities and a healthy sense of humor. Her husband did the best he could to assist her in their assisted living apartment, but family members were concerned for both their well-being and contacted Home Care Assistance to intervene.

When the Home Care Assistance Director of Nursing first administered to Client F the standard Mini-Mental State Exam that all clients receive at the beginning of service, her score was 8. To put that in perspective, 24 or higher is the normal range for functioning adults. Home Care Assistance quickly saw that Client F was going to need a customized plan of mental stimulation and experiential learning to begin to recover.

Closely following the Home Care Assistance plan of care, Client F’s aide has settled her into a routine that provides her with ample opportunities for stimulation. For 6 hours each day, the aide assists Client F in getting out of bed, eating healthy meals, and working on re-building her mental capacity. Together they take field trips around their assisted living community and beyond, enjoy a customized exercise plan, and even take in the latest movies. Their days end with a round of brain teasers and mental exercises to help Client F stay on top of her recovery.

Though Client F will likely never regain her full mental capacity, she is still tested every 45 days by the Director of Nursing. Her mental scores have showed a large improvement- she has improved from an 8 to a 19 in her latest testing.