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Connecting to Cultures

Connecting to Cultures


Client suffered from loneliness and disconnection Needed mental stimulation Balanced Care Method re- connected her to her cultural traditions and heritage


Client E was born in Japan but moved to the United States with her American husband. When her husband passed away, Client E found herself out of touch with her family, most of whom still lived in Japan. Home Care Assistance was hired to assist Client E in her daily activities and to keep a watchful eye on her since her family was so far away.

After the initial client assessment period, the Director of Nursing and the office administrator agreed that Client E would greatly benefit from Home Care Assistance’s unique Balanced Care Method. This research-based program of healthy living encourages everything from a nutritious diet to an opportunity to strengthen social ties. Client E was a prime candidate for the positive lifestyle changes that the program encouraged.

Realizing that Client E was often lonely and feeling disconnected from her surroundings, Home Care Assistance was able to tailor the Balanced Care Method to meet her specific needs. Thus, the Home Care Assistance aide began a long-running conversation about Japanese culture, food, and traditions, which culminated in a weekly sushi meal tradition. Client E was delighted with the aide’s interest, and even began teaching her rudimentary Japanese.

Within weeks, the aide and Client E had established a rewarding routine that incorporated trips to a local Japanese library, Japanese language TV programs, and, of course, their weekly sushi meal.

Client E has developed a strong sense of purpose and well-being by sharing her culture and cuisine, and has even re-established contact with her family back home. She hopes to one day take a trip home to Japan accompanied by her Home Care Assistance aide.