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Dealing With Dementia

Dealing With Dementia


Client suffered from severe dementia Required re- direction of paranoid thoughts Balanced Care Method helped her to focus on positive aspects of life and avoid delusions


Client D suffers from age-related dementia. Home Care Assistance first began caring for her while attending to her husband, who required
two aides to help him move and perform basic tasks in their assisted living community. When he passed away, Client D requested that his aides remain with her. It quickly became clear, however, that Client D needed a range of care that was different from her husband. Since the death of her husband, Client D’s dementia had severely worsened, leading her to become highly anxious and suffer from delusions and paranoia.

As a leading provider of dementia care, Home Care Assistance was able to assign to Client D an aide who had been trained in specialty dementia care. Home Care Assistance realized that, like many sufferers of dementia, Client D functioned best with a set routine that she followed everyday. The aide knew that she had to help re-establish some balance and schedule to Client D’s life.

By using our Balanced Care Method training, the aide focused on several factors to help improve Client D’s quality of life and to help her control her dementia. Setting up a meal and exercise routine that they followed everyday, the aide was able to ease Client D back into the lifestyle she had known before her husband’s death. Likewise, when Client D’s anxiety and delusions would spiral out of control, the aide was trained to redirect her stressful thoughts by changing the subject and getting her attention focused elsewhere.

Soon, they had settled into a gratifying routine. After breakfast, they walk the grounds of the assisted living facility, talking about the sights and sounds outside of the apartment. Then, it is home for lunch, a nap, and an afternoon of games, like balloon toss, puzzles, and beanbag throws, which guarantees Client D the constant mental stimulation she needs to combat dementia’s worst effects.

Presently, Client D continues her daily routine with her aide, and is now sleeping through the night and is displaying far less agitated behavior. Her progress is so steady and positive that neighbors in her assisted living facility have commented to the Director of Nursing at Home Care Assistance that they have never seen her so happy and peaceful.