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Getting His Life Back

Getting His Life Back


Client suffered from a series of falls. Needed round-the-clock supervision Home Care Assistance lifestyle plan helped him to regain complete independence and control


Client C was a well-known news commentator and TV personality, but had suffered in recent years from a series of difficult falls. Home Care Assistance was contacted after one of these accidents to assist him in returning home. Client C needed round-the-clock care and supervision as he recovered to ensure another fall didn’t land him in the hospital once again.

The Home Care Assistance aide, at first, worked 24 hour shifts with Client C and worked with him on his most basic needs, such as helping him in and out of the shower and preparing meals. Quickly, though, the Home Care Assistance Director of Nursing realized that Client C needed further help. Working with the aide to better understand Client C’s overall needs, Home Care Assistance was able to develop a comprehensive lifestyle plan for Client C that encompassed all aspects of life beyond basic activities.

Within weeks of starting the case, the Home Care Assistance aide was managing the household, helping the client to eat a healthy diet, organize his appointments, remember crucial medicines, and regularly meet with his physical therapist. When he was prescribed the powerful blood thinner Coumadin, she closely monitored his diet and interfaced with his doctors to ensure he was keeping a close eye on the medication.

After 30 days of assistance, Client C was able to transition to 8 hours per day with his aide. Though she no longer provided live-in services, she continued to work with Client C to make him more independent. Gradually, with her help, he began to take over his personal grooming, bathing, and meal preparation.

Eventually, to the delight of everyone at Home Care Assistance, he ended service, assuring the office that his aide had helped him get his life back.