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Trying Something New

Trying Something New


Client suffers from cerebral palsy. Lived with a structured daily routine Balanced Care Method helped client to incorporate new experiences into a basic lifestyle


Client B is in his late 30’s and has suffered from cerebral palsy his entire life. Home Care Assistance has provided care for him for the past 3 years. For 4 hours each morning, the Home Care Assistance aide assists him with his basic needs- rousing him from bed, dressing him, feeding him, and making sure he was able to get to his adult daycare program.

Client B’s parents had cared for him actively for the majority of his life, and were happy to have an aide to assist in his care. Each day, the family would leave Client B a basic breakfast of cereal and yogurt, the same meal he had enjoyed nearly every day of his life.

Client B’s aide had recently attended Home Care Assistance’s unique Balanced Care Method training, which emphasizes a healthy diet as one of several factors that contribute to a client’s overall wellbeing. The Director of Nursing quickly realized that there was an opportunity for her aide to work these principles into her client’s care. Even though his lifestyle was structured on a basic pattern, the Balanced Care Method could still help him to enjoy an improved quality of life by focusing on those aspects that could be changed for the better.

When Client B’s parents left for a business trip, they asked the Home Care Assistance aide what provisions she would need while they were gone. She asked for an array of fresh fruits. In their absence, she prepared fruit cups for Client B to supplement his usual breakfast. He clearly enjoyed them, and when his parents returned, they asked where his newfound love of fruit had come from.

The Home Care Assistance aide explained that she had been recently trained in the Balanced Care Method, and that she was incorporating these new ideas into her care of Client B, ensuring that he didn’t have to experience the same routine and monotony every day. The parents were overwhelmed- his mom couldn’t help but cry and hug the aide, who had, in a small way, reminded them that even the best routines can become stale and predictable.