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Video games are not only for kids anymore

We know as individual’s age, their cognitive skills decline. However, when I read an article that talked about how playing video games can improve senior health, I was slightly surprised, but more intrigued.

Now, you may be wondering: “What are the benefits of seniors playing video games?” The following list from, will hopefully provide several answers this question.

1. According to the Psychology and Aging magazine, playing complex video games after receiving training may improve the cognitive functions of seniors. This is one of the functions that typically declines with age.

2. Aside from improving their cognitive functions, video games, which require seniors to juggle multiple tasks, may also improve their ability to perform other everyday tasks.

3. Research conducted in the past also indicates that video games provided by Nintendo and Wii can be successfully used to help treat seniors with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other illnesses of a psychological or psychosocial nature.

4. Preliminary studies have shown that video games with a strategic element may help older adults keep their brains sharp.

So while many may think of video games as mind-dulling, studies seem to show the contrary – their ability to improve senior’s health by keeping them active, both physically and mentally.

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