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Tips on gaining “healthy” weight for seniors

Dr.Kathy Johnson, PhD, CMC

That’s right, you read the title correctly, tips on gaining weight.  These days, everyone is trying the latest fad diet or exercise to shed pounds quickly, but seniors can actually be at risk of being underweight.  Many seniors face malnutrition problems and decreased immunity.

Malnutrition and being underweight can occur when the following begins to happen:  loss of muscle mass, dental problems, diminished senses and illnesses.  That is why if seniors can gain a healthy amount of weight, their mental capacity and physical health would be better.  With more weight and muscle mass you are stronger and can heal faster after surgeries.

Andrea Cespedes, a professionally trained chef with a nutritional background, provides the following steps on how seniors can gain weight in a healthy manner:

1) Increase the calorie contents of existing meals and snacks.

2) Consume drinks with calories.

3) Eat often, especially if you have a poor appetite.

4) Flavor foods generously.

5) Eat healthy versions of sweets.

6) Seek assistance with shopping, especially if you live alone.

7) Ask to eat with people.

8) Add light exercise to stimulate your appetite, if you are capable.

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