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No tight shirt, no tie, no (health) problem

When you experience a variety of health issues such as chronic pain and tension, for example, the last thing you may think is responsible for causing these symptoms is your clothing. However, recent research is pointing to particularly tight clothing as the culprit for constricted nerves and digestive issues.

Both men and women should be concerned if tight clothing is causing discomfort.  According to a study from Cornell University, men who wear tight collared shirts and neckties experienced blurred vision, headaches and increased muscle tension in the back and shoulders.  Also important to note is that neckties are not cleaned as often as other articles of clothing and can therefore are more likely to transmit bacteria and other infections. 

For many, it is common knowledge that wearing high heels is bad for your feet and your back and can cause bunions, ankle sprains and other ailments. However, did you know that wearing flip-flops might be worse than wearing high heels? Researchers at Auburn University conducted a study and found that the majority of participants had to clench his or her toes to keep the flip-flops on. This behavior led to sore calf muscles and altered the individual’s gait which can lead to long-term ankle and hip problems.

Moral of the story: Using tight clothes to nip and tuck problem areas may do more harm than good when it comes to your health.

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