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Five Tips to Retire Successfully

Retirement is the ultimate goal of many hard-working people worldwide. However, in reality, this next life stage offers its own unique challenges, and many of us are not quite prepared for them.

Once someone has retired, he or she still seeks to lead a meaningful life. Retirees will also have to account for their personal finances so that they can support themselves for what could be a period of many years.

Given that retirement is supposed to be a culmination of all the hard work you have put in throughout your life, here are five tips on how to enjoy it:

  1. Find what you are passionate about. This does not have to be something formal. It can be anything from traveling and gardening to reading and yoga. Your passion can be something completely unrelated to your former career. Will Wiebe, a certified life and career coach, suggests that retirees reconnect with a dream they once had that was interrupted. You can even try out another career that always interested you.
  2. Ease into it. If you are worried about how such a drastic change will affect you, ask your employer if you can start by reducing your hours. Retiring more slowly can make you feel like you are in better control of the situation.
  3. Get healthy. Make a doctor’s appointment so that you can retire feeling as healthy as possible and continue to be active. Rita Cheng, an ambassador of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, recommends that retirees focus on activities they can do, not on what they think they should do.
  4. Connect with people. Our careers can often limit our social lives. Look into connecting with people in your community who are doing things that interest you. This is a great time to search for organizations that need your particular set of skills and could use the help.
  5. Talk to you loved ones beforehand. Before making any decisions, discuss your plans with your spouse and your family. Author Jean Chatzky cautions that if a husband and wife have different ideas of how each wants to experience retirement, it can be a source of tension. Since retirement is a transition for all of your loved ones as well, be sure to let them know what to expect so that everyone can enjoy your next life stage.

When planning for your retirement, remember to consider your future state of mind as much as anything else. This will allow you to best benefit from a time in your life that should be both relaxing and meaningful.

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