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Simple Winter Exercises from the Comfort of Your Home

Dr.Kathy Johnson, PhD, CMC

This cold, winter weather has got me thinking about ways to stay fit without having to venture outside my warm house. I came across an article today that outlines some ways to do just that (with relatively no cost involved)!

According to the article, people age 50 and older need three things in their fitness routine: aerobic conditioning, muscle strength and endurance, and core fitness, says Walter R. Thompson, Ph.D., regents professor in the Department of Kinesiology & Health at Georgia State University. And all of these are achievable at home!

•Aerobic exercise – The key to this aspect of fitness is to keep your heart rate elevated for at least 10 minutes. Jumping rope, running up and down stairs, marching in place, or simply dancing to music are all aerobic activities that can do this.

•Strength training – Building muscle endurance is important in remaining fit. The longer you can work out without tiring your muscles, the longer you will be able to maintain your daily tasks.  Wall sits (with your back against the wall, slide down the wall like you are sitting on a chair and hold for intervals of 15 seconds) improve leg strength, push-ups and curl-ups will improve arm and core strength.

•Core strength – Sit ups, side planks, and bicycle kicks will help maintain your core strength. With each of these exercises, make sure that you focus on keeping your abs engaged. We need a strong core to support everything our arms and legs do.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week. These simple exercises will help you maintain your health and fitness (and expenses) from the comfort of your home! Always make sure to talk to your doctor before starting a new fitness plan.

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