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Signs of a Kidney Stone Attack or Infection

Many people say that the pain caused by a kidney stone is strong enough to cripple the toughest of victims. But do you know the signs to look out for? Of course, no five-step program should replace a doctor's diagnosis, but keeping an eye out for common symptoms of a kidney stone attack is smart.

1. Fever or general fatigue are often initially reported from patients that have endured a kidney stone attack. This is usually accompanied by a dull back pain near the pelvis and walking becomes uncomfortable.

2. Sharp pain on one side of the lower back region is usually a sign of kidney stones. If the pain continues to increase, radiating to the abdomen, seek help immediately.

3. If blood in the urine is discovered, medical attention should be sought after. A deep orange color typically signifies dehydration, unless you are experiencing sharp pains like the kind described above.

4. Gender and family medical histories are sure signs that point to your susceptibility to kidney disease.  The majority of kidney stone sufferers are usually men.  However, some researchers believe that your chances of getting an attack are higher if a parent or grandparent has had a kidney stone attack. Those who are prone to attacks should always be properly hydrated and make sure a bathroom  is nearby- withholding urination only complicates the issue!

Talk with a doctor about a possible diagnosis, and visit an accredited health site such as for additional symptoms.


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