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Seniors reach digital age

This article goes into the lives of several seniors citizens to explain how and why they decided to go digital—and are loving it! One woman, Judy Bennett, chose to conquer her fear of computers and take classes at a local senior center in order to feel more connected with her young grandchildren. She signed up on Facebook and now feels much closer with her grandchildren, who she can check in on and talk to with a few simple clicks.

Bennett is definitely not alone, according to a survey that reported a 26 percent increase in the amount of 70-75 year-olds using the Internet from 2005 to 2008. Jerry Schulz, who teaches the senior center computer classes that Bennett utilized, says that most people take these classes to connect with their grandchildren, or reconnect with old friends and classmates. She also says that it helps seniors feel connected to the world, and can somewhat eliminate feelings of isolation.

Since many seniors feel scared or resistant to the idea of computers, Schulz gives some great tips on getting elderly family members onto the computer and how to help them learn to use it!

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