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Secrets to Aging Well

Studies have shown that aging well is controlled one third by genetics and two thirds by our personal lifestyle choices. New approaches to attitude and lifestyle not only add years to your life, but also quality.

Here are five lifestyle factors that can increase your longevity:

Be Happy. Happiness boosts the immune system and helps lower stress. Involvement with activities, people and experiences that bring joy and contentment also boost optimism and attitude, both of which are linked to longevity.

Try something new. Although mental skills change with age, the brain never loses the ability to grow. Trying or learning new things will build neural connections throughout your life.

Love yourself. Stress occurs when the mind perceives you’re not enough or don’t have enough. Loving yourself will give you a more positive outlook on life and lead you to make better choices.

Spend time with loved ones. People who are socially connected live longer, maintain better cognitive health and have an overall better mental and physical well-being. Connecting with loved ones brings a sense of intimacy, allowing us to feel important, valid and valued.

Exercise.  We’ve heard it time and time again, because it’s true! Regular exercise lowers your risk of developing chronic diseases, reduces stress, and improves your quality of life. Exercising also increases your mental state and a positive outlook on life. It’s never too late to start exercising, but be sure to start of slow and gradually increase your workout.

As you can see, a healthy mental state leads to a positive outlook in life that can increase your longevity. Connect with loved ones and engage in new, fun activities.

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