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Preventing seniors from falling

-Dr.Kathy Johnson, PhD, CMC

Falls have become a devastating issue for seniors living at home. In order to increase the quality of home health, the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research has found that there are many ways to help seniors avoid health problems related to falls.

According to the 2007 California Health Interview Survey, which researchers used as a reference, 14.5% of Californians over the age of 65 fell at least once in that year alone. Falling can cause many severe health problems for seniors, and one fall makes an elder much more likely to fall again. Furthermore, only about half of the seniors who reported falling actually went to the doctor after their fall. Many of those who did go to the doctor did not use all the prevention techniques described by their doctor.

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research is giving a great push for seniors living at home to seek help and preventative strategies. The Center is also encouraging medical professionals to try to get seniors on board. This is an incredibly important issue for many seniors who wish to live at home as they grow older, because it can increase their home health and allow them to continue living in their own home for much longer.

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