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Preparing for a Good End of Life


Here at Home Care Assistance we give you the tools to change the way you age. It is our mission to ensure that you, as a senior, live healthily, happily and actively. In order to achieve this balanced way of aging, you must also consider how you will leave this Earth.
Our topic today is inspired from Judy MacDonald Johnston’s recent TED Talk titled “Prepare For a Good End of Life”. Although this subject may invoke fear or agitation, we wish to eliminate those feelings by having a conversation. When we have a conversation and talk about these not-so-fun topics, it’s been shown that people are calmer and have a more positive outlook on the end-of-life.
As we age, it’s important to have the following plan in place:
  1. Hospital readiness
  2. Asset delineation
  3. What is most important
Having a good understanding of these three things before you are faced with your final moments, will give you peace. For the first item: hospital readiness, it is best to create a packet with all of your medical information i.e. history, D.N.R. forms, medications, contact information of family and physicians. It is important to have these forms in place because 80% of Americans will not spend their last moments at home, but in a hospital. Having these forms ready will ensure an immediate check-in to the hospital, should you need it.
Secondly, you should take care of your assets. Asset delineation may be done via a will or by creating a trustee who will take care of your assets after death. Either choice is great; but it’s essential to have a plan if you have certain items you’d like particular family members to have or you are leaving your spouse behind.
Finally, consider what is most important to you. Who do you want to spend your last moments with, what would you like to be told. Knowing these answers and making sure you communicated them to a loved-one will ease your mind; we all wish to have a good end of life.

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