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Older Adults Going Green

As the world’s population continues to grow, society’s increasing needs for resources are putting more of a strain on the environment. To achieve our goal of changing the way the world ages, seniors need to have access to sufficient quantities of food, water and clean air to lead healthier lives. In order to achieve this goal, older adults need to take eco-friendly steps to conserve and help the aging populations of the future.
Here are some suggestions to help promote a greener lifestyle and a greener planet:
  • Recycle. Help slow the disappearance of the world’s forests by putting your papers in the designated recycling bin, not the trash. The same goes for plastic, aluminum and glass products – why deplete the world of more of its resources when we can reuse what we’ve already consumed?
  • Take public transportation. As we age, our reaction times behind the wheel become delayed; public transportation is a safe, cheap way to get around town, and it emits fewer pollutants than a bevy of individual cars. Plus you’ll save on gas money!
  • Use efficient bulbs. Well-lit homes help provide a safe environment for nighttime activities, but old light bulbs are a major drag on the power supply. Compact-fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) will provide you with equal if not superior light quality, and are four to six times more efficient than normal incandescent bulbs. This means they need less energy, which helps mitigate emissions at power plants, and last much longer than normal bulbs, so you won’t have to keep going to the store to replace them!
Large-scale adoption of these practices will create better air quality and an overall superior quality of life.
Home Care Assistance caregivers are professionally trained to provide the highest-quality in-home care. If you or a loved one may need some assistance around the house or adopting these environmentally sustaining practices, give us a call today at 1-866-454-8346.

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