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New camera designed to help Alzheimer’s patients

-Dr. Kathy Johnson, PhD, CMC

OMG, the Oxford based technology company best known for its special effects use in Hollywood blockbusters, has developed a special portable camera for Alzheimer’s patients. The company has recently signed a contract with Microsoft in order to use the software giant’s SenseCam technology. OMG believes that the SenseCam can dramatically help Alzheimer’s patients remember their day.

The camera is about the size and weight of an ipod and is worn around the patient’s neck. Throughout the patient’s day, the camera will automatically take pictures of the patient’s surroundings and interactions. The effect will be akin to someone with a normal memory reviewing an album of Christmas photos from ten years ago. Nick Bolton, chief executive of OMG believes that this device will help because “the memory is very visually indexed and reviewing photos helps shift it from short-term memory to long-term memory.”

The hope behind the device is that the user will regain his or her confidence in their memory by reviewing the photos daily. The device could be a breakthrough in retaining memory lost to Alzheimer’s. The device, called a Vicon Revue, will be launched at a neuroscience event in Chicago this weekend but it won’t be available directly to Alzheimer’s until later.

*Note: Camera in picture is not actual camera

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