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Music and Laughter Improve Health and Wellness

A new study reveals that listening to upbeat music and laughter can have as much of a positive effect on your blood pressure as losing ten pounds!  The study, which was conducted at the Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, showed an average drop of five to six points in systolic blood pressure over a three month period.  In contrast, the control group did not experience any drop in blood pressure.

The researchers randomly assigned 90 individuals, between the ages of 40 and 74, into groups that participated in listening to music and laughing twice a month, along with a control group.  During the music sessions participants listened to pop, jazz and other classical music of their choice.  The laughter sessions included listening to humorous story telling along with doing ‘laughter yoga’, which is basically pretending to laugh until it becomes real. 

After the three month study concluded, those listening to music dropped an average of 6mmHg systolic blood pressure while those in the laughing group dropped 5mmHg.  Readings taken immediately after the class ended showed even more impact with short term dips of 6 to 7 points.  The health benefits that resulted from the three month trial could be compared with those of individuals who lose 10 pounds, take blood-pressure medication, or start a low sodium diet.
So grab your ipod and kick-back or go see a comedic movie with a friend. Anyway you cut it, these enjoyable activities will benefit your health!


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