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Announcing: An iPad for seniors!

-Dr. Kathy Johnson, PhD, CMC

The recent release of the iPad has been a rave amongst the new technological generation, but who knew that it could be an exciting tool for elders? Maybe it’s time to buy a new gift for grandma or grandpa because the iPad has its ergonomic advantages for visually-impaired seniors. The tablet device has oversized images on the screen and large touch-keys. Instead of sitting at a desk to stare at a laptop or desktop computer, the iPad is fit for surfers who don’t plan on spending long hours on the computer. Plus, it weighs no more than one and a half pounds. To put simply, it has all the basic functions of a personal computer- surfing the Internet, reading e-books, sharing pictures, and e-mailing. It has large characters, is lightweight and easy to use, and can definitely be a new tool for senior citizens.

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