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How to stay fit and safe this winter

Dr.Kathy Johnson, PhD, CMC

It seems to be getting increasingly colder this winter season and seniors especially need to take added precautions to stay safe.  You probably didn’t know that 50% of hypothermia deaths occur in seniors over the age of 75.

My primary suggestion is to try to avoid walking on snow or ice during the winter months.  It is very hazardous and can result in nasty falls that can injure you severely, break one or more bones and even leave you stranded out in the cold if you find you can’t get up or move. This is very dangerous.

Winter is also the season where we tend to eat more and move less.  We tend to eat more because we are staying warm indoors and move less because it is too cold to get out.  So try to watch your consumption of unhealthy foods and stick to foods high in fiber, vitamins and minerals – so fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.

And before it gets too cold, check all winter appliances such as furnaces and heaters to make sure they are working properly.  Make sure that space heaters are placed in safe areas because 300 people on average die each year in fires started by space heaters, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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