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How to Fight the Flu this Winter

The current flu season has officially reached the level of an “epidemic.” The disease—which poses the biggest threat to very young children and the elderly—is occasionally fatal. While flu deaths are still extremely rare, it’s important to protect yourself. Here are the three easiest and most important ways to fight the flu this winter season: 
1)    Get the Flu Vaccine
This is the single most effective step one can take.   Flu vaccines are engineered to protect against the three flu viruses that researchers believe will be the most common that year. Getting a flu shot is easy and worth it. 
2)    Stay Away from Germs

You should use soap and water often to sanitize your hands. Avoid touching your mouth or your nose. Avoid sick people and be careful around large groups of people. Try to clean household surfaces that may be infected with the virus. It’s important to avoid germs at all times during the year, but it’s especially important during flu season.

3)    Eat Better and Exercise
Healthy foods boost your immune function and help you fight off sickness. Research shows that exercising helps your immune system too. As an added bonus, working out may help you achieve a better night’s sleep—another important part of avoiding sickness.   
At Home Care Assistance, our carefully trained caregivers can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.   Our Balanced Care Method promotes a healthy diet, physical activity, and a lot more.   If you or a loved one needs in-home care, stop by your local home care office today to learn more about our services and our mission to change the way the world ages.









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