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Reflecting as We Age

Aging is, almost by definition, a time of gradual change. As our bodies grow older, our physical appearance begins to show signs of wear: our hair turns from colorful to gray, our skin wrinkles and our mobility slows down. For some people, these changes can be depressing, and cause them to lose sight of what they once were. At Home Care Assistance, however, we think aging is a process to be celebrated.

A photography collection by Tom Hussey called “Reflections” highlights the changes that take place as we age. Each photo shows an elderly man or woman staring into a mirror, but staring back at him or her is a younger version of himself or herself. The images evoke a sense of sympathy from the viewer, as each individual looks at the younger version of himself or herself, but also a feeling of rediscovery. It’s as though the reflection in the mirror is telling the aging person, “This is who you were, and it’s still who you are.”

The firefighter and soldier staring out of the mirror likely won’t be going out the door in uniform anymore to douse another fire or fight another battle. But those seniors still have the memories of their service to their country and to many they will be remembered as heroes for their courage and strength. 

The dancer in the reflection may no longer be able to pirouette or walk on her toes, but she still has the lively spirit and memory of her on-stage performances. 

Every senior in “Reflections” that looks in the mirror sees a version of their former selves, and when they do so they see not just the remarkable things they accomplished in their youth, but also the long journey they have undergone to arrive at where they are now – older, yes, but also wiser and more appreciative of life.

Home Care Assistance, North America’s leading provider of in-home care for seniors, offers professionally trained caregivers on an hourly or around-the-clock basis to help your loved one age comfortably. Our goal is to change the way the world ages, and we aspire to help each and every one of our clients look in the mirror and be thrilled with what they find there. To learn more about our care options, contact us today.

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