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Honor a Senior Loved One Today!

In line with our mission to change the way the world ages and promote a positive view of aging, we launched a new campaign called Honor Your Living Legend. This campaign was designed to celebrate the lives of remarkable  men and women. Living legends are extraordinary individuals with accomplishments ranging from being an acclaimed musician to a father who taught his kids how to ride a bike, and everything in between. They are inspiring individuals that will be remembered for their positive impacts on  friends, family members and their communities.


Dr. Kathy Johnson, Founder and CEO of Home Care Assistance, was inspired to start this campaign based on her own admiration for her father. “I also felt there needed to be a platform for daughters, sons, spouses, grandchildren and friends to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of their senior loved ones,” Dr. Johnson said. Incidentally, Dr. Johnson’s personal experience caring for her father as he aged inspired her to start Home Care Assistance.

Do you have a senior loved one you admire? To honor his or her lifetime accomplishments, nominate your Living Legend today at HonorYourLivingLegend.com. Submissions will be featured on our website as well as our Instagram and Pinterest pages. You will also be entered in a sweepstakes for prizes valued between $50 and $1000. Honor a loved one by sharing his or her story today!


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