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Home Care Assistance Celebrates National Women’s Check-Up Day!


Monday, May 13th marks National Women’s Check-Up Day, which is part this week’s celebration of National Women’s Health Week. Home Care Assistance strives to empower women of all ages to make their health a priority; it is never too early to start making healthy lifestyle choices. One way to better your health is through regular check ups. Many conditions such as diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer and heart disease can be detected early with regular doctor’s appointments.
Two screenings women should regularly take part in are Pap tests and mammograms. Both of these screenings are key to early detection of cervical, ovarian and breast cancer. The Affordable Care Act has changed the way insurance handles these screenings and now get screened without an additional co-pay.  
In celebration of National Women’s Check Up Day, here are some ways women can promote a healthy lifestyle:
  • Eat Healthy—Try eliminating all fast food from your diet.
  • Stay Active—Get an hour of physical activity per day; this could simply be a walk around the neighborhood or community park.
  • Promote Positivity—Rid you life of negativity by keeping all positive relationships.
  • Stay Connected—Join a community where you feel supported, whether this is a bridge club, swimming class or book club.
These lifestyle choices are proven to result in a longer and healthier you. Home Care Assistance’s Balanced Care Method illustrates just how healthy living results in a longer life. The Method is based on seniors who live in Okinawa, Japan where life spans are typically over 100 years! Studies on these elders have directly linked diet, physical activity, having a purpose and community involvement to their incredible health. Home Care Assistance would like to celebrate National Women’s Check-Up Day, by getting you one step closer to healthy living.

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