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Holiday Gift Ideas for Senior Loved Ones

elderly man opening holiday giftWith the holidays in full-swing, it can be busy between attending holiday gatherings and hunting for the perfect gifts. To minimize the stress of the season, we have put together a list of our favorite gifts for senior loved ones to help you shop. This list of gifts features useful, yet fun gifts your senior loved one is sure to enjoy!

  1. Electronic Picture Frame: An electronic frame looks like a normal picture frame but rotates different photos that are attached to the device through an USB drive. This gift is an inexpensive way to help your senior feel connected to family, friends and past memories. Similarly, blankets, mugs and other items can be customized with family photos in local printing centers or on websites like com.
  2. Fitbit Flex: This wristband is popular for people of all ages because it helps individuals meet their fitness goals. The Fitbit Flex is sleek, comfortable and easy-to-use, as it simply tracks steps and buzzes once the user’s daily steps goal has been met. This is a great way to encourage seniors to get up and stay active.
  3. Senior Meal Service: A meal service like Munchery can help seniors who live on their own with meal preparation. Mom’s Meals is a company that designs meals specifically for seniors with healthy, high protein, high fiber and low-fat options. All meals arrive chilled to preserve freshness and can be heated and enjoyed at any time.
  4. A Special Outing: An invitation to a special event like the symphony, theatre, or a visit to a museum can be very meaningful to a senior loved one. Remember, quality time is a gift in itself so an outing is a good way to show appreciation with your time and thoughtfulness.
  5. PikStik Reacher: Many of our clients find the PikStik Reacher to be an extremely useful device for grabbing hard-to-reach items. For individuals with limited mobility, this gift could help make basic tasks much easier, which is why it is one our most highly-recommended gifts.
  6. iPod Shuffle: Seniors love music and a great gift idea is to preload an iPod Shuffle with some of his or her favorite tunes to enjoy. A shuffle is light, easy-to use and holds hundreds of songs.

For more gift ideas, read “Last Minute Gift Ideas for Senior Loved Ones” where Client Care Managers offer expert advice on timeless gift ideas for senior loved ones or download a free copy of “The Family Caregivers’ Guide to the Holidays”, which contains more holiday gift ideas along with tips for decorating the home, advice for senior-friendly holiday gatherings, tips for dementia care over the holidays, healthy seasonal recipes, and information on respite care.

Take the stress out of the holiday season with our advice on the perfect gift ideas for senior loved ones or by trying our respite care services to give yourself a much needed break from caregiving. Happy Holidays from all of us at Home Care Assistance!

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