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Habits That Can Harm Your Heart

Last week, the Huffington Post listed over 15 daily habits individuals perform, all of which are detrimental to our heart health! Obvious harms such as excessive TV watching, overeating and smoking are not surprising. However, did you know that things such as hostility, lack of flossing and even snoring can lead to poor heart conditions?

Harmony R. Reynolds, M.D., associate director of the Cardiovascular Clinical Research Center at NYU Langone Medical Center, comments on the emotional and internal side to wellness, stating that those who hold in true feelings are "in greater danger" of health issues.

"Research has shown a benefit to laughter and social support," Dr. Reynolds says. "And it's helpful to be able to go to someone and talk about your problems."

Of course we can't forget the depth to the physical aspect of health, regardless of weight. Disorders such as sleep apnea are marked by interrupted breathing, which can cause blood pressure to skyrocket.

Equally related to blood vessel function is how often you floss. Gum disease can also trigger heart disease, although the exact reasons for this link are unknown. However, what we can be certain of are the options we have for adequate oral care and overall state of well-being.

To check out other habits listed from this article, visit The Huffington Post


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