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Five Tips for a Great Mother’s Day Celebration


As our moms age, time spent together becomes more and more precious – for us and for them. Celebrating Mother’s Day therefore becomes more valuable each year.
Here are five tips for throwing Mom a Mother’s Day celebration she’ll enjoy.
1.)    Spend quality time with her: More than any gift, card, or trinket, spending time with your mom shows how much how care about her; this sentiment is what she values most. If you can, plan a day with some of her favorite activities and be sure to bring the grandchildren along. Whether you visit together at her home or your own home, spending the day with one another doing something that she loves will always be more special to her than a conversation over the phone.
2.)    Continue traditions: Was there anything special you used to do on Mother’s Day as a child or younger adult? If there is, try bringing back that tradition. Making her a nice breakfast, going with her to a place of worship, or taking her to visit a meaningful spot are excellent ways to stir up great memories. Having grandchildren help out with the events can make the celebration even more special.
3.)    Create a scrapbook: A collection of photos, recipes, and souvenirs is a great way to share memories. If your mom is able, consider taking her back to some of the sites where those pictures were taken if they’re nearby, or bake one of her favorite recipes together. Revisiting these events that you loved as a child will show your mom the importance of her influence on your life.
4.)    Make her feel useful: Often times, moms feel bad seeing their children using so much time and energy to make sure they are properly cared for. To ease that worry, show her that you still need and value her help and wisdom. Seek her advice on cooking a recipe or watering the garden, or ask her to help you with a task she can complete without over-exertion.
5.)    Be flexible: Understand what your mom wants, as well as her limitations. Talk to her ahead of time about how she’d like to spend the day. If she doesn’t want to make Mother’s Day a big deal and would rather spend a mellow afternoon with her children and grandchildren, don’t plan any large excursions. And if in the middle of the day she needs a rest or a break, make sure you can easily adjust the day’s schedule to accommodate her needs.
How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day with your mom this year?

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