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Eldercare and marriage

Dr.Kathy Johnson, PhD, CMC

Today, parents are being taken care of by their children.  Sometimes in a family unit, the sandwich generation, those responsible for taking care of their parents and their children, face martial problems.

The effects that caregiving has on a marriage can vary.  The partner of the person caring for his or her parents can become resentful of the other because their focus is on caregiving rather than them. They may also feel a sense of guilt for now being a supportive partner. Other stresses that can present themselves include financial strain, especially if travel is involved and tending to household chores.

Before taking on the responsibility of primary caregiver, it is important to think about what would be the best care for your parents and for everyone else involved.  Hiring a caregiver can be a smart mutually beneficial choice because you are still providing excellent care for your loved one, yet you do not have to deal with the stress of caring for another person. This gives you and your partner time to connect and focus on your relationship.

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