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Cycling Classes Add ‘Mental Coaching’ to Routines

Earlier this month I did a blog post on the Dutch study that biking is linked to diagnosing Parkinson’s. I reiterated that the study is more appropriate for those in the Netherlands who cycle with more frequency than the United States. Well, it looks like America is slowly starting to get the picture.

An article published on, discusses the increasing number of cycling studios across America that are starting to add ‘mental life coaching’ to physical workouts. The aesthetics of the class combine to create an atmosphere that promotes focus and positive thinking.  The dark classroom, rhythmic choreography, carefully created playlists and instructors who double as motivational speakers, all help maintain a focused environment. One particular class at Velovoom in Washington maintains a no distraction policy (i.e. cellphones, iPads, etc.) as well.

The bike is the ultimate vehicle for the class, with resistance knobs that can be adjusted to fit anyone’s preference, and any age. And what makes this class so different from other cycling classes, is that its main focus is the bike. Velovoom’s owner, Marc Caputo, says the class allows for people to “become one with the bike.”

SoulCycle and Flywheel are both New York based studios who promote a similar message. Their complete workout routines, motivating instructors, and positive atmosphere allow their students to let go of any stress or anger and focus solely on what they came there to do. Cycle.

Again, the power of cycling to positively change one’s mental state – or diagnose Parkinson’s – brings awareness to alternative tests/treatments in the health industry.

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