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Cell phone use may protect seniors from Alzheimer’s disease? Interesting new research.

-Dr. Kathy Johnson, PhD, CMC

Did you ever think that talking on your cell phone could actually be good for you, even help to protect or reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s?  Recently the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease published an article about a study done by University of South Florida researchers at the Florida Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC).  In this study researchers found that exposing electromagnetic waves generated by cell phones, to older Alzheimer’s mice actually helped to erase Alzheimer’s effects and prevented Alzheimer’s from young mice.

In older mice the electromagnetic waves erased brain deposits of harmful protein beta- amyloid and in the younger mice the waves prevented the build of this protein completely. The accumulation and build-up of protein beta- amyloid on the brain is the signature of the Alzheimer’s disease. Many treatments for the Alzheimer’s disease target beta- ayloid.

This study consisted of 96 mice, some that were genetically altered to develop memory problems that imitate the Alzheimer’s disease as they get older and some without any genetic predisposition.  All of the mice were exposed to electromagnetic waves from cell phones for two 1 hour periods each day for seven to nine months.  All of the mice cages were arranged to be centrally located around an antenna generating cell phone signals.

The effects of the young mice that had no signs of memory impairment and were genetically altered with the Alzheimer’s disease had their cognitive ability protected.  They performed just as well as the mice without dementia on memory and thinking tests and skills.

When the older mice with Alzheimer’s that had already shown signs of memory loss were exposed to the electromagnetic waves their memory impairment disappeared.  Even normal mice after several months showed their memory was performing at above normal levels.

Though the effects did take months to acquire, it can be suggested that in humans a similar effects could be achieved aster years of cell phone electromagnetic wave exposure.  This could be a drug free and non- invasive way to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s in humans.

“If we can determine the best set of electromagnetic parameters to effectively prevent beta-amyloid aggregation and remove pre-existing beta amyloid deposits from the brain, this technology could be quickly translated to human benefit against AD” said USF’s Chuanhai Cao, PhD, the other major study author. “Since production and aggregation of ?-amyloid occurs in traumatic brain injury, particularly in soldiers during war, the therapeutic impact of our findings may extend beyond Alzheimer’s disease.”
During the period in which mice were exposed to the cell phone waves there was a slight increase in brain temperature, but this only occurred after months of exposure.  Researchers suggest that the increase in brain temperature contributes to the removal of the protein beta-amyloid by causing brain cell to release.  As well as the increase brain temperature increases blood flow and therefore increased energy in the brain.  Therefore the results explain why the normal mice have above normal level memory and skills tests.

This study suggests that cell phone electromagnetic waves are not harmful at all to the human brain, but in fact are beneficial in many ways.  Though there is still speculation on whether electromagnetic waves can cause brain cancer.  Some other researches argue that after 10 years of cell phone use that chance of someone having a brain tumor doubles.  However, other argues that there is less than a one percent chance that will ever happen.

Researchers have concluded that there was no evidence of abnormal growth in any of the mice studied with their brain or other organs.

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