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Caregiving isn’t for everyone

Dr.Kathy Johnson, PhD, CMC

I have talked a lot about adult children who assume the responsibility of primary caregiver for a parent or loved. However, caregiving can be a tiresome and time consuming task – a task not every child wants or can take on.  An article today in the New York Times sheds light on these “absent adult children” – those that chose not to be a caregiver for their elderly parent.

Barbara Moscowitz, a geriatric social worker at Massachusetts General Hospital, points out that the stresses of caregiving can actually become dangerous.   Family members are more likely to neglect or abuse elderly people then outsiders.

“Not everyone was made to be a caregiver,” said Ms. Moscowitz. “For some children, it’s just not emotionally possible.”

Children who can’t come to the rescue of their aging parents should try to help in different ways.  Hiring an in-home care caregiver to take care of their parent at home is a great way to make sure their loved one is taken care of properly.

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