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Caregivers: Protect Your Health!

Many are aware of the debilitating effects Alzheimer's, but what about the health of those caring for a loved one with this disease? 
“After learning of a loved one's diagnosis, family members can sometimes become so focused on their loved ones' everyday needs that they overlook their own physical and mental health.”  So how can caregivers make time for themselves while providing care for another?

The California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists developed a list of suggestions to provide good health for caregivers.  Often, the easiest solution is to slow down and share mutual respect with your loved one.

For specific suggestions you can reference this list:

1)    Put health first: Take time to ensure your own well-being.  Eat a healthy meal, go out for the day, take a brief break from caregiving, or read a book!

2)    Plan visits to sit and talk:  Take your loved one out to a park and pick up food that is already prepared such as a sandwich.  This eliminates the stress that accompanies you running around the kitchen preparing a meal.  Your loved one will also be put more at ease because they can spend more time conversing with you, rather than watching you prepare food.

3)    Be positive and set limits: Inform them of what you can and cannot do. By setting limits in a positive tone,  you can create an environment more conducive to understanding.

Just remember, caring for yourself and caring for another person is not as daunting as it seems.  A day trip to a park, taking some time for yourself and building a relationship

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