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Asthma Affects Many, Tips to Help Ease Attacks

This week Home Care Assistance celebrated the world asthma day, an annual event organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma(GINA) to raise asthma awareness and improve care around the world. 

World Asthma Day began in 1988.  Each year links a theme to the day.  Since 2007 the overlaying theme has been “you can control your asthma”.  This year, an added initiative was to reduce asthma related hospitalizations by 50% worldwide by 2015. 

By definition, asthma is a chronic disease in the airways and lungs that occurs when they become constricted and inflamed. Different triggers can set off asthma in an individual, but it varies from person to person.  When this inflammation and constriction take place, it leads to recurring periods of wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing.  If you have these symptoms be sure to consult a doctor.  Asthma suffers are widespread. Over 300 million people are affected by this disease worldwide. And in 2009 it was the cause of 250,000 deaths.  

If you suffer from asthma it is important to know what triggers it, so you can avoid those things at all costs – if possible. Common triggers include, but are not limited to, pet allergies, smoking, diet and exercise.  There are different methods for each to avoid an attack.  For example, asthma attacks that result from exercise can be avoided through warming up, pacing yourself, having an inhaler nearby and cooling down.

So if you or a loved one suffers from asthma, be sure to document what appears to trigger these attacks.  This way you will be able to clearly convey these triggers to your doctor.  While we may not have a cure for asthma yet, those with this disease can take proactive steps to keep attacks at bay and better their health.

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