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Art programs positively enhance quality of life

It seems like this week I have been honing in on a variety of treatments for people with Alzheimer’s. Yet again, new research is showing the power of alternative treatments as therapy for those with the disease.

I came across an article today that highlights an art program at the Carnegie Museum of Art. “In the Moment” is a fairly new, monthly tour program for senior patients with Alzheimer’s. The program, which is based on art programs for people with dementia at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, has become highly successful and is looking to expand.

The benefits associated with these art programs all have to do with positively enhancing the patient’s quality of life. Jennifer Lingler, an assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh and director of education and information core of the Alzheimer Disease Research Center says, “Art appreciation and making art hold immense potential to impact quality of life.”

Both caregivers and patients who attended a program at the MoMA, and who were studied by New York University’s School of Medicine, reported both positive physical and emotional side effects. These included the opportunity for personal growth, the ability to access long-term memories, and a stronger sense of connection with each other.

To read more about the power of art as therapy for Alzheimer’s patients click HERE.

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