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8 New Superfoods You Should Be Eating

At Home Care Assistance we are big on seven Superfoods
that include blueberries, dark chocolate, salmon (high in omega-3 fatty acids) green tea and more.  We are excited to share that we have discovered eight new Superfoods with cancer fighting properties that have similar health benefits and will help boost your energy level as well as make you look and feel young. 

1.  Jicama: This root vegetable has probiotic properties to boost healthy bacteria and aid in digestion. It is also high in Vitamin C which can help fight wrinkles.

2.  Chia: This tiny edible seed has a nutty taste and is an excellent source of fiber, calcium, iron and omega 3s.  These seeds are great for your bones and heart so sprinkle some on cereals, salads or soups for added nutrients.

3.  Kefir: The creamy texture makes this food product comparable to yogurt, but with less sugar and more protein.  Kefir has a tangy taste that makes it a great substitute for salad dressing.  A probiotic, it helps boost healthy bacteria in your body, keeping your immune system strong and helping to prevent colon cancer.

4.  Sprouts:  These are germinating seeds that can be eaten raw or cooked and can come from different beans like soybeans, alfalfa, or even vegetables like broccoli.  Broccoli sprouts contain about 50 times more of the anti-cancer agent, sulforaphane, than its fully mature stalks.

5.  Black Garlic: The fermentation process gives this garlic varietal a sweet, clove and caramel flavor. Black Garlic packs in nearly double the antioxidants compared to a regular raw bulb of garlic and has properties that can help lower an individual’s cholesterol.

6.  Nutritional Yeast: A single serving of this yeast has as much as nine grams of protein and is packed with Vitamin B to help keep energy levels high and stress levels low.  Nutritional Yeast can be used as a dairy free substitute for Parmesan cheese and be sprinkled popcorn, potatoes, or even pasta.

7.  Kelp: This powerful plant, despite its small size, is loaded with Vitamin K and calcium. Certain studies have shown that it can help decrease a women’s risk of developing breast cancer. In a powder form, Kelp can be added to soups or meatballs for added nutritional value.

8.  Barley: This grain is filled with niacin to help keep your skin and hair healthy. It also contains lignans, which can help fight cancer and keep your cholesterol levels under control. Barley is the perfect substitute   for oatmeal, pasta or rice.

Start incorporating these Superfoods into your diet today to live a longer, happier life!


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