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7 tips to avoid elder care burn out

Hal Robertson has seven tips to avoid elder care burn out that he finds helpful in reducing stress brought on by caring for an elderly parent or parents.  So when you are feeling stressed, follow these below tips!

1. Lighten up!

Find situations and experiences that you laugh at. Reruns of TV sitcoms are great for this. Find the humor in the funny things your elder does. They may even join in on the laughter, especially if they don’t fully comprehend the humor because of a confused state.

2. Search for ways to save your energy and time

Shop online. Call ahead to your grocery store to see if you can place your order with them over the phone or via the Internet. Shop during slow periods – early morning is great for this. Check to see if your supermarket delivers. Yes – many do!

3. Avoid isolation at all costs

Staying isolated in your home day all day will bring you down. Get out and about – go for a walk around the block, brush up on your gardening skills or run to the store to pick up lunch.  The natural sunlight and personal interaction will rejuvenate you and restore your spirits and energy level.

4. Practice what you preach

You provide nutritious meals for your elder. You make sure they get plenty of exercise and you are always looking for ways to entertain them. Be sure to do the same thing for yourself.

5.  Find out as much as you can about your elder’s health condition

This will help reduce your stress in a big way.

6.  Join a support group

This will benefit you more than you can imagine.

7.  Learn various relaxation techniques

The simple act of closing your eyes and visualizing comforting and peaceful things can help refresh you and reduce stress.

When you are doing a lot to take care of your elder it is important to also take care of yourself. You will provide the best care when you are stress free and relaxed!

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